Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Lady Charltina does it again!!

My oh my Charltina Christensen has struck again! I blogged outfits for her Asian Show previously and loved the way that they fit, they way they looked on me and how easy it was to find accessories to style them. The Asian Show went wonderfully and all of the models on the runway look fabulous. It was a great time!!

There was a second Asian Show, same theme just another day/time for the show, but unfortunately it had to be rescheduled. As of now, there has been no definite date posted. However, Lady Charltina handed me a gown and didn't say a word. She just passed the box to me. So, of course I asked for clarification....that's just me, lol. I received my instructions and proceeded to unpack the box.

The first thing that happened after unpacking and trying this gown on.....my jaw hit the floor in utter amazement! Then I said aloud, "OMG!" This gown is just amazing! I have NEVER been a girly girl nor one to wear gown such as this, but when I put this on, I felt lifted and stylish, not to mention gorgeous! There is nothing more that I can say about this gown...it definitely speaks for itself. Great job Lady Charltina!!!!

SKIN: Lara Hurley-Ava natural lips, dark tan
SHAPE: Sorry, its a custom shape by Kim Rongyu
EYES: IKON - IKON 'Sunrise' Eyes - Brown (M)
LASHES: *GA* Mesh Lashes Felicia
HAIR: TuTy's ADORABLE - Updo hairstyle - Chestnut
MAKEUP: Blacklace Beauty Faces -Rose (eyes only)
Blacklace Beauty Candy Lips Rose
GOWN: [Charltina's] Oriental Express Gown, includes hat and gloves
SHOES: [Gos] Paris Peeptoe - Nude Satin
NECKLACE & EARRINGS: BastChild Promise Trisk Platinum Diamond Choker & Earrings
*PosESioN* August Gift Female

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