Thursday, October 23, 2014


LoveMe Skins is celebrating its One Year Anniversary. In honor of the one year anniversary, there will be a "LMS ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY EVENT" from  October 22nd to October 29th. 

Make sure you pick up your group gift, Chelsea skin, as part of the LoveMe Skins One Year Anniversary Event.

Package Includes:


1-Cleavage Enhancement (tattoo layer)
2-Skin Options (With EyeBrow, No EyeBrow) 
1-Slink Hand Appliers
1-Slink Feet Appliers

Also available separately are Lolas Tango and Lush Appliers, Wowmeh Mesh Body Applier, Slink Physique Body Applier, Lena Mesh Body, TheShops Mesh Body, Phat Azz Appliers, BANNED Booty Appliers, Sking Brazialia Booty and Ghetto Booty in the shop.

 The Trick or Treat: Flawless Cart Sale & Hunt runs from October 17 to November 2nd. This event runs bi-monthly cart sale and even has a free hunt. Each designer has an exclusive item for sale on their cart as well as the hunt item.  The dress that I am wearing is the hunt gift for Entice and will be available the entirety of this event.

These amazing shoes are from L. Warwick Shoes and are available only at N-Twenty1 They are made for SLink high feet and come in several color pairs. The October round has started officially today and Let me tell you…. IT IS AMAZING.

October is an exclusive round meaning that the exclusive items from the designers this round will never again be sold… Get them while you can!

SKIN: [LoveMe Skins] Chelsea Skin - [NoBrow] - Lipstick01 - Sunkiss (GROUP GIFT)
EYES: IKON Hope Eyes - Nymph
MAKEUP: {MUA} - MakeUp Set - Elyn - Eyes Only (NEW RELEASE)
{MUA} - MakeUp Set - Sleek - Lips Only

DRESS: Entice - Dita Mini - Halloween 
SHOES: [L.Warwick] Cordelia -Platform Heels- Black\Orange (NEW RELEASE)

EARRINGS, RING & NECKLACE:  MG -  Sister Catrina Muertos (NEW RELEASE)
TATTOO: Wicked Tattoos - Ivy Tattoo - soft ink 

++DESIRE++ Free Model Pose F01-05 - FreePose_01

Gators MC Sim - Haunted Maze 

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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Everything Changes

There have been a lot of changes in my SL lately and I have to say that change is the only consistent thing in this full world. You can stand still but everything around you changes.

Tonight I had someone say to me "nothing really changed" reference to his year absence in SL....ummm really?! Well I don't know about his SL but mine changes daily. A couple of new things in my life are two new blogger opportunities. I have joined the [Masoom] Blogger Team and the Dreamland Designs Blogger Team. 

Dreamland Designs are home decor and you can find all the information on my home decor blog, Expressions From The Soul - Home. Now this amazing outfit from [Masoom] is perfect for the wonderful and intimate dinner planned here. You can't see it very well (maybe you can, but I can't lol) but this gown has laces up the thighs with little bow ties at the upper thigh. The set not only comes with jewelry but shoes too :) always a good thing so you know the shoes will match.

You will also notice that I am wearing a different skin than normal and this skin comes from the newest round of BodyFanatik. If you regularly follow my blog you will know that BodyFanatik is an event that runs every month for skins, shapes and accessories. We are currently on Round 2.

SKIN: flounce - Elle - Golden (available ONLY at the BodyFanatik Lucky Board)
EYESIKON Hope Eyes - Blush
MAKEUP~Blacklace Beauty~ Glamour 5 eyeshadow
::Modish:: Yndra lips 1(glossy)

GOWN[[ Masoom ]] Celeb outfit   (includes jewelry and SLink mid shoes)

If you'd like to see the photos in full resolution, please visit my FLICKR page.

To view the home decor items from Dreamland Designs, please click HERE.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

It's almost here!!!

Wow where has the time gone?! I said this before and I will say it again, where has summer gone?! You know what this means right....that dreaded cold word is coming back...WINTER! lol

There are so many things that I love about SecondLife but one thing is that no matter what the weather is outside your window, its always summer somewhere here in SL and I can still visit. Being able to find places where I can sit and listen to the sounds of crashing waves and seagulls is so therapeutic.

The dress I am wearing is from NoName and is called Shelby. The Shelby dress comes with a color change HUD with 9 color options. Guess what?! The shoes are included and come with a separate HUD! Wonderful! The details and shading on this dress and the buckles, are just so detailed.

Originally this dress was featured at Penumbra Fashion Week, but now it is available in the mainstore.

EYESIKON Hope Eyes - Nymph
HAIRtulip. Ashley
NAIL COLORbeauty by alaskametro - "Candy Apple" - ombre 2
TATTOO: :Wicked Tattoos: Ivy Tattoo

DRESS[nn] Shelby Dress
SHOES[nn] Shelby Heels


Every designer has at least one item out at their cart that is exclusive and marked for only 50L.  Each designer will also have at least one hunt item at their cart or very near it.  Hunt items are free and are hidden in tiny pumpkins. 

Participating Designers: 

Silverflame Mistwalker  -  *Kioko Pup* & Virtual Ryukyu
Santana Lumiere  -  La Boheme
Izara Zuta  -  7 Deadly s{K}ins
Nefeli Rickena  -  Nefeli's Gestures
JohnyDeep  -  J&A Rock Culture
nana Saenz  -  Impertinences
Lyric Derryth -   blah.BLAH.blah
Jillian Fairey  -  Fairey Angel Creations
Allie Munro -   Grumble
Nastia Aries  -  [DandelionWine]
Mzzy Wytchwood  -  +REDRUM+
Leri Miles -   Leri Miles Designs
Lexa Zifer -   Pizzazz
moreno Forwzy  -  M&M Style
LyricalBizarre Resident -   Lyrical B!zarre Templates
Carrie Snowpaw  -  Snowpaws
Coco Sands -   Coco Sands Shapes and Hot Coco
Xenobia Foxclaw  -  Xen's Hats
Endra Graves  -  Artistry by ~ E ~ 
Jaysee Netizen & noobsmakemetingleinside  -  Mute
Skyler Lunasea  -  Lunasea fashion
Kyria Lowenstark  -  KL Couture
Nena Easterwood -   Divalicious Designs
Karen Blackthorne -   External Appearance Shapes
Artie Jonstone  -  Artic Storm
coleen macarthur -   loordes of london
Mocksoup Graves -   [mock] cosmetics
Sun Michalski  -  Creations Kitchen
irrie Ember  -  irrie's Dollhouse
AnneAlyce Maertens -   Dulce Secrets
Tinka Bondar  -  Isis Boutique
Punkerella Summers -   Chimeric Arts & Fashions
OMGINC Resident  -  OMG! Inc.
Osuntomi Melendez -   Kiko Life
Geryn Sloane -   G SLOANE
Magia Emolite -   Maci
BDazzleme Resident  -  B-Dazzled
RFB Morpork -   Paris Metro
DragonLady Majestic -   DragonLady's Closet
Venora Magic  -  Dreamland Designs
HaileyMichelle Resident  -  Hailey's Creations
Enticestore Resident  -  Entice
Kira Paderborn  -  Style by Kira

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

The Spooktacular Halloween Gatcha event

  *~*The Holidays@ Masoma County Present:
 The Spooktacular Halloween Gatcha event*~*

The Holidays@ Masoma County is a full sim dedicated to holidays and community/public events. We are kicking off with our Halloween Theme October 1st,2014 and will run until October 31, 2014.

The sim will frighten and leave you in wonder all at the same time.
In addition to our regular attractions we have plans for the month long theme.

The {Posh Pixels} gacha contains SEVERAL wonderful options for only 100 L per play!


Single Hat in with the medallion in individual Colors with either the Unisex Skull as well as the Female Skull...60 in total to collect.

{POSH PIXELS} GLAMOUR GOTH HAT: Mesh Gothic Top Hat comes with Resizer in the hat, and 2 HUD's one with Unisex Skulls and 1 with Female Skulls...both HUDS offer the ability to change the texture of the Hat Leather, the Band and the Medallion.

Full Outfit includes Mesh strapless dress with bloody knife protruding from the chest.. Glam Goth Top Hat in Red Roses and Femme Heels in Splattered for Slink High Feet.

EYES: IKON Hope Eyes - Poltergeist 
HAIR: RAW HOUSE :: Raquella
MAKEUP: ..::Beauty Killer::.. Forced Smile MakeUp - Red
.:Glamorize:. Lumina Lips - Crimson

DRESS:  {POSH PIXELS} BLOODY LOLITA (ultra rare gacha)
SHOES: Purrfect 10 - Easy Rider Boots

EARRINGS & NECKLACE:  :*:CPD:*: Morella Choker Set

If you'd like to see the photos in higher resolution please visit my FLICKR page.

{Posh Pixels} Main store, click here
Marketplace: click here

Monday, October 6, 2014

Mooh! @ The Promenade

Good Monday morning to you!!! Hope you had a great weekend! Is it me or did it go by really fast this time? When I was younger I always wished I was older and that time would fly by but now....ha....I wish that there was a way to stop time from going to fast (or so it seems).

I spent a lot of lindens this weekend on gachas....why? Because I LOVE gachas! lol Speaking of which, Mooh! has a gacha at The Promenade from October 1 - October 31 and you will find the sweater below in one of the EXCLUSIVE gachas there.

There are 14 sweaters in different colors available and then an additional 3 rare sweaters such as the one I am wearing above. Pair this sweater with shoes from L. Warwick Handmade Shoes and some jeans from Maitreya, you are ready to hit the town!

The nail polish is from AlaskaMetro and I have to say that the polishes from AlaskaMetro are some of the best colors and color combinations that I have come across. Not to mention the very affordable price!

EYESIKON Hope Eyes - Blush (M)
MAKEUP::Modish:: Yndra lips 1(glossy)
<<BB>> Make Up!  - CraZy Eyes III - oo8
NAIL COLOR: AlaskaMetro - Candy Apple

JEANSMaitreya Boyfriend Jeans - Washed Out 
SWEATER: MOoH! Cropped V-neck top @ The Promenade (EXCLUSIVE)
SHOES[L.Warwick] Cordelia -Platform Heels- Noir Steel (NEWER RELEASE)

NECKLACEGoth1c0: Ouija necklace

I apologize here, SL has eaten my notecard with all this information :( 

Possessions (sorry the sim was only open a limited time)

If you'd like to see the photos in higher resolution, please visit my FLICKR page.