Thursday, September 18, 2014

A Day In The Life.....

Lately it seems that people feel the need to talk about what I do and don't do, something about NOT finishing projects. Which I find this all quite ironic since any one that really knows me, knows I work like crazy.....all the time.

I will admit that I appear to job "hop" here in world, but when I leave a place of employment, there is a reason....whether it be my health at the time, or something I see that can't be fixed, or my brain finally realizes that I am working too hard for little reward and my favorite is leaving a job because the person I work for is just plain rude, uncaring about their staff and customers. Now if you view this as "unfinished projects" well I guess that is your interpretation, but don't judge me until you walk a mile in my shoes.

A typical day for me is waking up after about 5 hours (on an average GOOD day) of sleep, letting my dogs out, etc....taking my morning medication cocktail, shower, etc. Then, I log on to my tower AND my laptop. Yes, I am juggling two computers most days.

Now, I am going to use today as an average sample of my day.....This morning I awoke, got ready and had to get on the bus and head to the doctor's lab for bloodwork, then back on the bus and this time going to the pharmacy. At the pharmacy I not only picked up meds but I was able to get a flu shot (yay!! Go me).

After waiting almost an hour for the bus, I headed home. Got home, finally got a drink, again dealt with my four legged children, folded laundry, started a load of clothes, and put the clean clothes away. At this point it's approximately noon in my RL and I can sit down to log in to SL.

Now, its about noon maybe a little after and I have until 1 pm to do I decide to style clothes so I can photograph them for blogging tomorrow or this weekend. As I style, I am also dealing with several incoming IMs on both Facebook and SL. When 1 pm rolls around I change clothes and head to my first stop for the day (a pose stand). I stand for about an hour but that hour is still busy,  not only greeting customers but I am working on my laptop, getting pics done for a special project in the future.

After the first hour on a pose stand, I move to my second pose stand for another hour, and then another one for two hours and my last pose stand for the day, could be two hours but I am only doing one today. Usually, I do two hours to fill in the slot but on this particular day I have three photography sessions to complete (as a photographer) and I booked the clients back to back so I would have more time for me in the evening.

Let's remember that by the time my appointments begin I have already completed 5 hours on pose stands which means that in addition to helping and greeting customers, I am answering IMs, working in photoshop for my own designs (apparel and nails) as well as getting up and down to let my chihuahuas outside to potty (small bladders).

Oh and lets not forget that I am working on photos maybe taken from the day before, or I am blogging or working on my own designs while on a pose stand. I am a great multi-tasker! At this point of my day it's maybe 5 pm and I am just gearing up for more. I may be logged in but sometimes I will admit I am not there. May I am in the kitchen, cooking or cleaning, or I am in the utility room doing the laundry.

Why am I posting all this? Well my point is this, there is never a moment in my day that I am not working. Whether it is my stuff, or working on a pose thing is ALWAYS clear--I keep busy! I am not frivolous as some would like to believe and if they think that, I want them to stay with me all day long and keep up with what I do.

The outfit that I am wearing does just that! It can keep up with me whether I am going out shopping with friends, hanging around the house, or going to a club for the night. The set includes the awesome heels AND every piece on this dress is customizable with the included HUD....even the laces! There is so much detail in this dress and the shoes! Make sure you head over to Penumbra Fashion Week to get yours!

I really loved playing with the different color combinations on this outfit, literally every piece, laces, bra, bodice, even both skirts can all be changed!  These are available at Penumbra Fashion Week so you only have limited time, however beginning September 21st you can but it in the main store.Do you really want to wait? I think not.

The other fashion outfits that are going to be in the fashion show, can be viewed on Sunday, the 21st at 1 pm SLT. I hope to see you there because I love to watch shows that I am able to attend!

EYESIKON Hope Eyes - Blush (New from IKON)
MAKEUPBlacklace Beauty Candy Lips 
Blacklace Beauty Exotica Eyeshadow 

DRESS[nn] Alani Dress , [nn] Alani Bra (ONLY available at Penumbra Fashion Week)
SHOES[nn] Alani Shoes

SLINK NAIL COLOR:  beauty by alaskametro<3 Slink manicure/pedicure - Diva/Silver

Apple Spice - Blogger Pose 005
Apple Spice - Fashion Pose 016 (used for shoes)
Apple Spice - Blogger Pose 004 (used for nails)


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Thursday, September 11, 2014

Getting ready to say goodbye......

Are we ever ready to say goodbye? Whether it is a relationship, a friendship, a relocation, or a season....are we truly ready to see it go?

I have to admit, that I LOVE fall....the colors, the smells, the activities, but I also know what follows fall...and that is winter. Now, I hate winter....hate it and pretty much everything that is involved in winter. At least winter in my neck of the woods (Eastern 1/3 of the US).

Now the snow can be pretty, the kind like you see on television shows making it all romantic and beautiful. Well, it's usually NOT romantic and beautiful. We have ice that follows snow, so usually the are the twins, together all the time. I really don't like ice, it is dangerous and can be harmful.

Now the other side things that go along with the snow, high heat bills, vehicles getting stuck in the snow, slipping and fall, as well as stores closing . None of these do I appreciate at all.

So, considering the above items about winter I am not ready to say goodbye to summer just yet. Yes, I know fall is coming but it's not time.  Even though all the stores already have the Halloween candy, it's not time. What are your feelings about being ready to say goodbye to things or people?

With that said, it is almost time to say goodbye to 24 Squared, so if you haven't had the opportunity to attend, please do. The events finish on September 13 and if you'd like to see what is left or find more information, visit their webpage at

EYES: Pulse Eyes Dove
HAIR: >> Aeros Hair Teghran << Hairbase :: 01 black
MAKEUP: .:Glamorize:. Guyliner Eye Makeup - Liner

Exclusively at 24 Squared
Jonathan Hat (unisex)
Ryker Pants
Ryker Top

SHOES: .:L&B:. Couture dress shoes :Gothic Loafers

TIE TACK: HHC - The Ambani Diamond Tie Tack

*EverGlow* - Male070
*EverGlow* - Male066
*EverGlow* - Male065

*Frisland* - Laluna Island

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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Modern Love with Wicca's Wardrobe and Rock Your Rack...

Have you ever heard just a small comment and it sits and dwells on your mind? Well about four days ago as I was sitting here watching a television show that is almost over and  one participant said "There is a difference between wanting someone to do something and expecting them to do something".

Now let me back up a little, the show I am watching "Married At First Sight". The premise of the show is that normal people apply to appear on the show and participate in the experiment. Once all the applications were received, a group of experts put all the applications through tests and narrowed it down to three couples.

These couples all agree to allow the experts to match them with a partner and then the couples meet each other for the first time......on their wedding day. They haven't spoken, seen, or discussed anything with their soon to be partner. The first meeting is their wedding day, and they have 4 weeks to marry, move in together, merge lives, live as a couple and then in week 5, the couples have to decide if they will stay married or divorce.

Makes me wonder if such traditional, bygone ways of doing things, will work in our modern age.....stay tuned and see! lol


EYES: IKON Perspective Eyes - Wraith
HAIR: RAW HOUSE :: Raquella 
MAKEUP: - DAMNED -  Tribal Make up
Blacklace Beauty Candy Lips
MONS / Makeups - Eyeshadow Roar 

GOWN: Wicca's Wardrobe - Nephele Gown

EARRINGS & NECKLACE:  Chop Zuey Couture Jewellery Trifles in Garnet

.::MS::. Limited Sale Set 1.6 - March 2013 (Morphine closed :(    )
.::MS::. Limited Sale Set 1.13 - March 2013  (Morphine closed :(     )


EYES: Pulse Eyes Dove
HAIR:  Belleza Hairbase

SHIRT, PANTS, SHOES & HAT: Wicca's Wardrobe -  Nathan
SOCKS: 000 - Argyle Socks 

Exposeur TMAS - Male 1 M
Morgane's runway - TRPH3 Male 1
*EverGlow* - Boys080

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Saturday, September 6, 2014

24 Squared Oh My!!!

24 Squared is now OPEN!!!

 Sept. 5th-13th, 2014

It is Saturday at The 24² and many exciting things are happening including the showing of our designers limited edition exclusives and the AIM Opening Party! Come take a sneak peak at The Men's & Women's Exclusives before they are gone forever!

SATURDAY Sept 6th,2014
12:00pm – 1:00pm -- The 24² Men's Exclusive Show
  1:00pm – 3:00pm -- AIM European Opening Party
  5:00pm – 6:00pm -- The 24² Womens Exclusive Show 

This amazing dress is so fun and flirty but it is limited! So if you want this dress you better run to 24 Squared to get your copy and get this...when you buy the dress you don't just get one color you get fatpack of FOUR colors for the price of one. What an awesome deal!

These heels from Hollyhood are exquisite in details and they are made for SLink HIGH feet. They are available in different colors and I have to say that these are one of my favorite shoes so far!!!

EYESIKON Perspective Eyes - Wraith 
HAIR: ::No:Shade:: Sofia  Multi-Color -  24 Squared Exclusive
MAKEUPBlacklace Beauty Candy Lips Rose
Blacklace Beauty Summertime Shadows Peach

DRESSPoute- Rigged Up-    24 Squared Exclusive -ONLY 150 copies of this dress will be sold!!!
SHOES: HollyHood - HOLLY CREAM VERNICE HEELS for SLink HIGH- 24 Squared Exclusive

BRACELET:  GizzA - Multi Bangles - Silver Aragonite

Magnifique - On The Red Carpet pack - Pictured are poses 3 and 4 from the pack

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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

NoName - August 27, 2014 Look of the Day

I can't say enough about the clothes at NoName :) They are versatile, easy to wear and definitely HARD TO CHOOSE which one to wear! 

This is the first post of many that will begin a "Look of the Day" for won't be a daily post but I shall try. If you have any questions, comments, things you'd like to see, please let me know. My inventory is at 200K so I probably have something you may like :)

If you have a genre of fashion you want me to post or try, hit me up in-world, I will give it a shot! However, for today, I picked this design from NoName. I love the way the edges of the sleeves ruffle, then it flows down into the opened neckline (emphasizing the assets :)....every girl needs this dress!) and hugs your curves so nicely. 

The dress comes with a HUD so you can change the accent colors to another plain color or even a textured fabric. Simplicity at its finest and it never goes out of style!

EYESIKON Perspective Eyes - Wraith
HAIR:  Analog Dog- nine dark

DRESS[nn] Candy 

BRACELET/WATCH:  **RE** ReVoX Alegoria Watch

GLITTERATI  - 321 (from Model Pack 33)

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Monday, August 25, 2014

Posh Pixels and Rock Your Rack!!

ROCK YOUR RACK 2014 September 1 - September 15, 2014

Models Giving Back is pleased to present Rock Your Rack, an annual fundraising event combining the best of SL Music and Fashion to support the work of breast cancer charities and raise awareness for early detection which is critical to a positive outcome for this devastating disease.

This year's event will support the National Breast Cancer Foundation which provides free mammograms, education, support and early detection services to anyone in need. 

The 2014 event is on three sims and involves 64 designers including 7 Platinum Sponsors: Barely Legal Couture,  Delirium Style, Legal Insanity, Liv Glam, Lybra, Mute. , and {ZOZ}.   Along with these designers, 10 Live Musical Artists, and 13 DJs will provide entertainment throughout the two week long Event.

Events during the fundraiser include 16 fashion shows, 10 live musical concerts, a performance by the Dazzler's Dance Troupe, 8 DJ dance parties, a 10L Hunt, Silent Auction areas, and two different Gacha! areas.  Designers will be providing exclusive creations with 100% of the sales of those items going to the National Breast Cancer Foundation along with a fine selection of the newest and most popular designs donating a percentage as well.  

For a complete listing of events and more details on this year's event, please visit the website: 

This year's event officially opens to the public on Monday, September 1, 2014 at 12:00am SLT and will close at 11:59pm SLT on Monday, September 15, 2014. 

Together we can make a difference!

Those who are unable to attend but wish to support the cause, may visit the Model's Giving Back official donation page at   where donations can be made directly using a variety of means. 

HAIRMagika [Hair] Meadow
MAKEUPBlacklace Beauty Faces - Imperial - Full Face with  Gloss


BRACELET:  *** Just You Jewels *** DUO Bracelets I love You



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Saturday, August 23, 2014

He Said/ She Said with NoName

American as apple pie! That is what these awesome outfits are from NoName, complete with patches and the good ole' red, white and blue.

The corset top has a string tie up in the front as well as a lace up back. The jeans are form fitting and come with a belt already attached. No need to look for shoes because the set comes complete with shoes as well!

His set is the American flag tank, similar jeans and also includes the boots to match this masculine ensemble.

Frakture - Stay Forever 


EYESIKON Perspective Eyes 
HAIR+Spellbound+ Sunday w/Scarf 
MAKEUPMadrid Solo- Eyeshadow- Vixen
Madrid Solo- Lips- Soft Kisses

SHIRT & JEANS[nn] Mighty Nations - Female - USA
SHOES[nn] Mighty Nations - Female - USA

NECKLACE**RE** LUX Tiffany - Necklace
WATCH:**RE** Rebel Fabiana Watch
RING*Milady's* -Memories- Gold/Platinum Ring

Apple Spice - Blogger Pose 005 (At this time I couldn't find current information on location)
Apple Spice - Blogger Pose 008 (At this time I couldn't find current information on location)

EYES:  Pulse - Dove 5
HATIlluminatus P Stylz Fitted
MAKEUP.:Glamorize:. Guyliner Eye Makeup - Liner

TANK & JEANSNoName Mighty Nations complete outfit
SHOESNoName Mighty Nations complete outfit

NECKLACERONSEM* The Shadow Lord -Choker
BRACELETRONSEM* Leather Bracelet
PIERCINGPekka. Miracle Piercing - M - Chin

Morphine Take on Me Set.1.3
and Set.1.9  (sorry but out of business now)

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