Wednesday, August 27, 2014

NoName - August 27, 2014 Look of the Day

I can't say enough about the clothes at NoName :) They are versatile, easy to wear and definitely HARD TO CHOOSE which one to wear! 

This is the first post of many that will begin a "Look of the Day" for won't be a daily post but I shall try. If you have any questions, comments, things you'd like to see, please let me know. My inventory is at 200K so I probably have something you may like :)

If you have a genre of fashion you want me to post or try, hit me up in-world, I will give it a shot! However, for today, I picked this design from NoName. I love the way the edges of the sleeves ruffle, then it flows down into the opened neckline (emphasizing the assets :)....every girl needs this dress!) and hugs your curves so nicely. 

The dress comes with a HUD so you can change the accent colors to another plain color or even a textured fabric. Simplicity at its finest and it never goes out of style!

EYESIKON Perspective Eyes - Wraith
HAIR:  Analog Dog- nine dark

DRESS[nn] Candy 

BRACELET/WATCH:  **RE** ReVoX Alegoria Watch

GLITTERATI  - 321 (from Model Pack 33)

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Monday, August 25, 2014

Posh Pixels and Rock Your Rack!!

ROCK YOUR RACK 2014 September 1 - September 15, 2014

Models Giving Back is pleased to present Rock Your Rack, an annual fundraising event combining the best of SL Music and Fashion to support the work of breast cancer charities and raise awareness for early detection which is critical to a positive outcome for this devastating disease.

This year's event will support the National Breast Cancer Foundation which provides free mammograms, education, support and early detection services to anyone in need. 

The 2014 event is on three sims and involves 64 designers including 7 Platinum Sponsors: Barely Legal Couture,  Delirium Style, Legal Insanity, Liv Glam, Lybra, Mute. , and {ZOZ}.   Along with these designers, 10 Live Musical Artists, and 13 DJs will provide entertainment throughout the two week long Event.

Events during the fundraiser include 16 fashion shows, 10 live musical concerts, a performance by the Dazzler's Dance Troupe, 8 DJ dance parties, a 10L Hunt, Silent Auction areas, and two different Gacha! areas.  Designers will be providing exclusive creations with 100% of the sales of those items going to the National Breast Cancer Foundation along with a fine selection of the newest and most popular designs donating a percentage as well.  

For a complete listing of events and more details on this year's event, please visit the website: 

This year's event officially opens to the public on Monday, September 1, 2014 at 12:00am SLT and will close at 11:59pm SLT on Monday, September 15, 2014. 

Together we can make a difference!

Those who are unable to attend but wish to support the cause, may visit the Model's Giving Back official donation page at   where donations can be made directly using a variety of means. 

HAIRMagika [Hair] Meadow
MAKEUPBlacklace Beauty Faces - Imperial - Full Face with  Gloss


BRACELET:  *** Just You Jewels *** DUO Bracelets I love You



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Saturday, August 23, 2014

He Said/ She Said with NoName

American as apple pie! That is what these awesome outfits are from NoName, complete with patches and the good ole' red, white and blue.

The corset top has a string tie up in the front as well as a lace up back. The jeans are form fitting and come with a belt already attached. No need to look for shoes because the set comes complete with shoes as well!

His set is the American flag tank, similar jeans and also includes the boots to match this masculine ensemble.

Frakture - Stay Forever 


EYESIKON Perspective Eyes 
HAIR+Spellbound+ Sunday w/Scarf 
MAKEUPMadrid Solo- Eyeshadow- Vixen
Madrid Solo- Lips- Soft Kisses

SHIRT & JEANS[nn] Mighty Nations - Female - USA
SHOES[nn] Mighty Nations - Female - USA

NECKLACE**RE** LUX Tiffany - Necklace
WATCH:**RE** Rebel Fabiana Watch
RING*Milady's* -Memories- Gold/Platinum Ring

Apple Spice - Blogger Pose 005 (At this time I couldn't find current information on location)
Apple Spice - Blogger Pose 008 (At this time I couldn't find current information on location)

EYES:  Pulse - Dove 5
HATIlluminatus P Stylz Fitted
MAKEUP.:Glamorize:. Guyliner Eye Makeup - Liner

TANK & JEANSNoName Mighty Nations complete outfit
SHOESNoName Mighty Nations complete outfit

NECKLACERONSEM* The Shadow Lord -Choker
BRACELETRONSEM* Leather Bracelet
PIERCINGPekka. Miracle Piercing - M - Chin

Morphine Take on Me Set.1.3
and Set.1.9  (sorry but out of business now)

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Friday, August 22, 2014

What is sexy?

What defines sexy to you? What do you see as sexy? 

Is it the brutal nakedness of a physical form? Is it the way she bites her lip? The sound he makes as he moans? Watching someone perform for you? Seeing her blindfolded? Having him tied to the bed?

The dictionary defines sexy as "sexually interesting or exciting; radiating sexuality" and "excitingly appealing; glamorous". Sounds pretty dependent upon each of us to define sexy. What is it that each of us and our own idiosyncrasies find sexually interesting? 

In my opinion, sexy is seeing him walk around in boxer briefs or sitting at his desk with his glasses on and a pen in his mouth intensely studying whatever at the moment. Sexy is watching a man with children, the way he takes care of them or plays with them. Sexy is a man taking the time to get to know my body from every curve, every flaw, every sensitive spot and knowing when to kiss and when to nibble.

Sexy means so many different things to every individual, from every culture, and every corner of the world. There is no "correct" answer as to what is sexy, that my friends is up to you but I can tell you that I definitely feel very sexy in this catsuit from NoName. The way it wraps around every curve like a lovers hand, stopping at all the right places and revealing just enough to make you want more.


EYESIKON Perspective Eyes
HAIRMagika [Hair] Dreamy
MAKEUPBlacklace Beauty Candy Lips
Blacklace Beauty Summertime Shadows

CATSUIT:  NoName - Lavanya

Sage Poses - Boob Poses
++DESIRE++ Sexy Pose Set 01-10 (couldn't find any current information for MP or in-world)

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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Coffee & Plaid, A Great Combination.....

I don't know what it is about the feel and look of plaid shirts that makes me think of fall and/or winter. Temperatures cooling down, apple cider, leaves falling down, and I could go on forever but I won't lol.

This wonderfully cozy plaid shirt is from Mooh! and is ONLY available at The Closer Fair until September 14. Kind of appropriate since it seems like summer is winding down to close in a few of weeks. This shirt is available in TWO different HUD choices. HUD 2 has more of the darker winter type of colors and HUD 1 has lighter colors such as pink and aqua. The one I am wearing comes from pack #2 (the darker colors). These are not only available for sale in the fatpacks, but are also sold individually.

Remember!! These are EXCLUSIVE to The Closer Fair only until September 14!

EYESIKON Perspective Eyes - Wraith
HAIRMagika [01] Meadow
MAKEUPBlacklace Beauty Dusk Shadow Smoke
Blacklace Beauty Juicy Lips Strawberry

SHIRTMOOH! Sexy open shirt Set 2 (EXCLUSIVE at The Closer Fair!!)
JEANSMaitreya * Washed Out * BF Jeans & Belt

NECKLACE:  PaliScarf Set / REDGRAVE (Only the necklace from this set)

MORPHINE - Take on me. Set.1 (Unfortunately, Morphine is out of business as of this post)

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Monday, August 18, 2014

I've got a secret......

You heard right....yes, I have a secret......

It's actually a 60 L Secret .....disappointed? Well, some secrets, such as this one, need to be shared! This rainbow bikini from Mooh! is a wonderful secret to share. It is available at the main store and yes, only 60 L.

Summer is almost over, but this will disappear run to Mooh! and get yours before it's too late.

This adorable and colorful bikini is a two piece set so you could wear each piece with other coordinating pieces which is a plus to expand your wardrobe. I have to say that some mesh requires me to alter my shape just a little to fit their mesh clothing. However, this required NO shape adjusting at all. Fit the second I put it on! That is a HUGE plus in my book.

EYESIKON Perspective Eyes - Wraith
HAIRAnalog Dog - 42 
MAKEUPBlacklace Beauty Candy Lips Cherry
Blacklace Beauty Jewel Shadows Tigerseye

BATHING SUITMOoH! Rainbow bikini
SHOES*Reign.- Georgia Sandal- Camel - slink flat

EARRINGS, BRACELET & NECKLACEEarthStones Tumbled Stone Jewelry Set - Night Sky 
SUNGLASSES:  Lady Howlers- Waves 

Magnifique - On The Red Carpet (Single Poses) - used Pose 2
Essential Soul - My Good Side
Sage Poses - Boob Poses - used Pose 006


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Thursday, August 14, 2014

Finesmith @ Opium Hunger Games-Show 2

If you ran out of time to see the Hunger Games Tribute that Opium Evolution performed, then you missed one heck of a show!

I have posted in my blog 4 female outfits and 1 male outfit that were in the shows 1 and/or 2. The outfit to follow is another magnificent outfit from Finesmith and was presented in Show 2. 

With magnificently detailed wings, the arm cuffs, head piece, and chest/neck adornment, this outfit stops traffic!

EYESIKON Perspective Eyes - Wraith
I am wearing a Mannequin skin from Bare @ Rose


**Manifeste** - Model_243

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