Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Summertime Carnivals!!!

Summertime in Indiana (where I am from) is always a time for the town carnivals or the county fairs and we can't forget the 4-H Fairs. This year I am a bit disappointed that I wasn't able to get out and attend our local fair, so I thought to brighten my day I would visit the carnival in SecondLife (SL).

Today, I received a blogger gift from Moose Clothing and immediately had to try them on! So, I thought why not wear something bright and colorful (at least for me) and go to the carnival.  The only problem with SL carnivals/fairs they don't have all the delicious foods that you can purchase when you go! I think that needs fixed NOW....lol. The smell of the sausages, the onions and peppers being grilled, the sweet aroma of caramel corn. Of course I cannot forget the caramel apples or cotton candy :)

You should visit the carnival that I did today, it is very nicely decorated and has some very cool rides! Although, just like in real life, carnivals come and go, so will this one. I believe August 31 is the last date for it, so you best hurry!  Summer Fair & Carnival - Aero Pines Park  - Aug 1-31 

This outfit was so much fun to wear, the way the mesh moves and the wrinkles on the skirt make it so realistic. Much to my surprise after I put the outfit on, I looked at the back view and saw the "Obey" on the rear end and had to giggle. Such a cool idea! Both the top and the skirt come in several colors so you really need to check them out! Luckily for you, they won't disappear like summer carnivals do. :)

SKIN: Lara Hurley-Ava natural lips, dark tan
SHAPE: Sorry, its a custom shape by Kim Rongyu
EYES: IKON - IKON 'Sunrise' Eyes - Brown (M)
NAILS: Candy Nail Candy Nail #P047 Hana Black
LASHES: *GA* Mesh Lashes Felicia
HAIR: Elikatira ~ [e] Me - Rich Browns
MAKEUP: (eyes) Blacklace Beauty Dreamy Shadow Lilac
(lips) Blacklace Beauty Juicy Lips Plum
TOP: Moose Clothing - Sylvia Top Purple
SKIRT: Moose Clothing -  Tera Skirt Tan
SHOES: [Gos] Boutique - Lolita Espadrilles - Violet
NECKLACE: Antiques - Magic Rock Style  - Volcanic Rose, Marian Kungler creator
(The LM I had is no longer valid, no information on Marketplace)
BRACELET: EarthStones Triple Hippie Bracelet - Color Trip
RING:  EarthStones Pearls & Swirls Cocktail Ring - Pink/Platinum

For this session, I only used my AO

Please feel free to check out my Flickr page as well:  http://www.flickr.com/photos/solde_rothmanay/

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