Monday, October 6, 2014

Mooh! @ The Promenade

Good Monday morning to you!!! Hope you had a great weekend! Is it me or did it go by really fast this time? When I was younger I always wished I was older and that time would fly by but now....ha....I wish that there was a way to stop time from going to fast (or so it seems).

I spent a lot of lindens this weekend on gachas....why? Because I LOVE gachas! lol Speaking of which, Mooh! has a gacha at The Promenade from October 1 - October 31 and you will find the sweater below in one of the EXCLUSIVE gachas there.

There are 14 sweaters in different colors available and then an additional 3 rare sweaters such as the one I am wearing above. Pair this sweater with shoes from L. Warwick Handmade Shoes and some jeans from Maitreya, you are ready to hit the town!

The nail polish is from AlaskaMetro and I have to say that the polishes from AlaskaMetro are some of the best colors and color combinations that I have come across. Not to mention the very affordable price!

EYESIKON Hope Eyes - Blush (M)
MAKEUP::Modish:: Yndra lips 1(glossy)
<<BB>> Make Up!  - CraZy Eyes III - oo8
NAIL COLOR: AlaskaMetro - Candy Apple

JEANSMaitreya Boyfriend Jeans - Washed Out 
SWEATER: MOoH! Cropped V-neck top @ The Promenade (EXCLUSIVE)
SHOES[L.Warwick] Cordelia -Platform Heels- Noir Steel (NEWER RELEASE)

NECKLACEGoth1c0: Ouija necklace

I apologize here, SL has eaten my notecard with all this information :( 

Possessions (sorry the sim was only open a limited time)

If you'd like to see the photos in higher resolution, please visit my FLICKR page.


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