Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Modern Love with Wicca's Wardrobe and Rock Your Rack...

Have you ever heard just a small comment and it sits and dwells on your mind? Well about four days ago as I was sitting here watching a television show that is almost over and  one participant said "There is a difference between wanting someone to do something and expecting them to do something".

Now let me back up a little, the show I am watching "Married At First Sight". The premise of the show is that normal people apply to appear on the show and participate in the experiment. Once all the applications were received, a group of experts put all the applications through tests and narrowed it down to three couples.

These couples all agree to allow the experts to match them with a partner and then the couples meet each other for the first time......on their wedding day. They haven't spoken, seen, or discussed anything with their soon to be partner. The first meeting is their wedding day, and they have 4 weeks to marry, move in together, merge lives, live as a couple and then in week 5, the couples have to decide if they will stay married or divorce.

Makes me wonder if such traditional, bygone ways of doing things, will work in our modern age.....stay tuned and see! lol


EYES: IKON Perspective Eyes - Wraith
HAIR: RAW HOUSE :: Raquella 
MAKEUP: - DAMNED -  Tribal Make up
Blacklace Beauty Candy Lips
MONS / Makeups - Eyeshadow Roar 

GOWN: Wicca's Wardrobe - Nephele Gown

EARRINGS & NECKLACE:  Chop Zuey Couture Jewellery Trifles in Garnet

.::MS::. Limited Sale Set 1.6 - March 2013 (Morphine closed :(    )
.::MS::. Limited Sale Set 1.13 - March 2013  (Morphine closed :(     )


EYES: Pulse Eyes Dove
HAIR:  Belleza Hairbase

SHIRT, PANTS, SHOES & HAT: Wicca's Wardrobe -  Nathan
SOCKS: 000 - Argyle Socks 

Exposeur TMAS - Male 1 M
Morgane's runway - TRPH3 Male 1
*EverGlow* - Boys080

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