Thursday, September 11, 2014

Getting ready to say goodbye......

Are we ever ready to say goodbye? Whether it is a relationship, a friendship, a relocation, or a season....are we truly ready to see it go?

I have to admit, that I LOVE fall....the colors, the smells, the activities, but I also know what follows fall...and that is winter. Now, I hate winter....hate it and pretty much everything that is involved in winter. At least winter in my neck of the woods (Eastern 1/3 of the US).

Now the snow can be pretty, the kind like you see on television shows making it all romantic and beautiful. Well, it's usually NOT romantic and beautiful. We have ice that follows snow, so usually the are the twins, together all the time. I really don't like ice, it is dangerous and can be harmful.

Now the other side things that go along with the snow, high heat bills, vehicles getting stuck in the snow, slipping and fall, as well as stores closing . None of these do I appreciate at all.

So, considering the above items about winter I am not ready to say goodbye to summer just yet. Yes, I know fall is coming but it's not time.  Even though all the stores already have the Halloween candy, it's not time. What are your feelings about being ready to say goodbye to things or people?

With that said, it is almost time to say goodbye to 24 Squared, so if you haven't had the opportunity to attend, please do. The events finish on September 13 and if you'd like to see what is left or find more information, visit their webpage at

EYES: Pulse Eyes Dove
HAIR: >> Aeros Hair Teghran << Hairbase :: 01 black
MAKEUP: .:Glamorize:. Guyliner Eye Makeup - Liner

Exclusively at 24 Squared
Jonathan Hat (unisex)
Ryker Pants
Ryker Top

SHOES: .:L&B:. Couture dress shoes :Gothic Loafers

TIE TACK: HHC - The Ambani Diamond Tie Tack

*EverGlow* - Male070
*EverGlow* - Male066
*EverGlow* - Male065

*Frisland* - Laluna Island

If you'd like to see the photos at higher resolution, please visit my FLICKR page.

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