Friday, August 22, 2014

What is sexy?

What defines sexy to you? What do you see as sexy? 

Is it the brutal nakedness of a physical form? Is it the way she bites her lip? The sound he makes as he moans? Watching someone perform for you? Seeing her blindfolded? Having him tied to the bed?

The dictionary defines sexy as "sexually interesting or exciting; radiating sexuality" and "excitingly appealing; glamorous". Sounds pretty dependent upon each of us to define sexy. What is it that each of us and our own idiosyncrasies find sexually interesting? 

In my opinion, sexy is seeing him walk around in boxer briefs or sitting at his desk with his glasses on and a pen in his mouth intensely studying whatever at the moment. Sexy is watching a man with children, the way he takes care of them or plays with them. Sexy is a man taking the time to get to know my body from every curve, every flaw, every sensitive spot and knowing when to kiss and when to nibble.

Sexy means so many different things to every individual, from every culture, and every corner of the world. There is no "correct" answer as to what is sexy, that my friends is up to you but I can tell you that I definitely feel very sexy in this catsuit from NoName. The way it wraps around every curve like a lovers hand, stopping at all the right places and revealing just enough to make you want more.


EYESIKON Perspective Eyes
HAIRMagika [Hair] Dreamy
MAKEUPBlacklace Beauty Candy Lips
Blacklace Beauty Summertime Shadows

CATSUIT:  NoName - Lavanya

Sage Poses - Boob Poses
++DESIRE++ Sexy Pose Set 01-10 (couldn't find any current information for MP or in-world)

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