Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Hands in the Cookie Jar

Those close to me know that I have a fetish...well maybe the proper word is obsession (lol)....with furniture. So, I was elated to become a blogger for the Cookie Jar Merchants!

It just so happens that the new exclusives have just been released at the Designer Warehouse and here are just a few examples of what you will find!

The Designer Warehouse Shopping Event.
You have 2 weeks to shop and the event is open to ALL Cookie Jar Merchants!
Our amazing Merchants created EXCLUSIVE items for you!
They’re only available until the next round so be sure to drop by 17th October.
Bring all your friends along to and don’t forget to click our subscriber its FREE to!

This complete set is the Zinnias Saguaro Cactus Bedroom Set created by Zinnia Karu ( and includes:

Table Lamp (copy/mod)
Wall Rack (copy/mod)
Braided Rug (copy/mod)
Cactus Plant (copy/mod)
Bedside Stand (copy/mod)
Cactus Bed (copy/mod)
   single female 4 anims
   single male 4 anims
     couple 7 anims
Snake Plant (copy/mod)

(thanks to the models here Jamesnky Gothly and HaleyJames28)

This colorful bench is created by Michigans Shack, 2WAT Michigan and can also be found at

The Koi Bench comes in 9 wood texture options, and clicking the back pillows provides you with 13 pillow textures! In addition, if you click the front pillows you get the following menu:
Singles 7 poses
cuddles 26 poses
friends 3 poses 

It comes mod and trans! 

This Thistle Sets-Pine/White is a very quaint and chraming addition to any home! The dresser is provided in both pine and white beech. When I set this bedroom set up, I found myself very surprised at the fact that the drawer on the side table actually opens and shuts upon being clicked! There aren't many creators that have this level of detail! This is created by and can be found at The Willowinds, created by Aqua Willowind

The set includes:
Thistle Bed (no trans)
lamp (copy)
side table (copy) 
Thistle Dresser ( in pine and white beech) trans only
Flowers by the Sea paitnings no copy
Sage and Cream rug no trans

When you sit on the bed and click for the menu, you will find:
Erotic 18 poses
Singles 5 poses
Cuddles 9 poses

Many times I have blogged about my beach and how much I enjoy sitting there just relaxing and what a joy it is to add this Warm - Pier Bench to my pier! The detail on the bench is truly high quality and the permissions are copy only. It is created by Warm Animations, Warmanimations Lisa at

When you sit and click the bench for the menu, you will find:
3 female sits
3 couples sits

With fall here and knocking on the door, it is definitely time to decorate and these items from Zoe's Garden, created by Adele Rhiadra, can also be found at . The wagon wheel bench, wood lantern and bird perch are sold separately and are very highly detailed!

The wagon wheel bench does contain 20 single animations and all items are transfer.

Be sure to stop by the Designer Warehouse for these exclusive deals before it's too late!!

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